5 Bedroom Closet Organization Ideas

One of the best ways to maximize closet space is by utilizing floor space. This space is especially useful for heavy items such as shoes. A shoe rack can be placed on the floor or in the closet door. If you have a lot of shoes, a shoe rack can help you organize your footwear while saving floor space. Also, use shelves to store larger items. You can also use open bins to keep small items neat and organized.

Shelf dividers

Using shelf dividers as bedroom closet organization ideas is a great way to separate your items. You can buy inexpensive, lightweight ones from Ikea for around $11. They are easy to install, don’t require any assembly, and can be easily moved from one shelf to another. You can buy dividers that are two feet long or three feet long, and they are available in different heights.

Shelf dividers are versatile and convenient for storing everything from shoes to books to handbags. These dividers can also be used in other rooms in your home, such as the kitchen or pantry. They can make your shelves look a little neater and free up vertical shelf space.

Shelf dividers can also help you make your closet look neater. They will make it easier to stack and fold clothing. They will also help keep clothing from falling off the shelves. You can choose a shelf divider according to the size of your closet and the type of items you store.

If you’re on a budget, you can buy shelf organizers online. You can find taller dividers for $11 on Amazon, while regular-sized ones start at $12.

Coat racks

A coat rack is a great storage solution. Not only does it keep your clothes out of sight, but it also allows you to access them easily. These racks can be installed inside your door and come with hanging rails and hooks to hold your hats and other accessories. You can use them to try on different outfits, too!

If you have a small closet, you can make use of the space above a coat rack by placing dividers on top of the rack. This will allow you to group your clothes by color or size, and keep them all in one place. You can also use dividers to organize your hangers.

Another great feature of a coat rack is that it can double as bedroom decor. If you want to blend in with the walls, try painting it white or using brackets instead. It will also give you a little more wall space. You can also install a wardrobe in your bedroom if you want it to feel more organized. You can even hide the doors of your wardrobe to make it blend in with the rest of your walls.

Open bins

Open bins can be an effective bedroom closet organization idea. They can be lidded or lidless. The latter are more practical for certain types of items. You can use them to store smaller items such as towels, hats, and socks. Open bins are ideal for smaller items and can be placed on shelves or in a closet.

They can be used for storage and decorative purposes. You can use them to store pet toys and extra quilts. Some of them have wheels that make it easier for you to move them around the room. They also have a slim profile and can fit under most beds. In fact, some users found them to be so convenient that they’ve even ranked them among the best plastic bins on the market.

Another good option for bedroom closet organization is to install a coat rack or a rack. This can make the most of limited space. If the closet is small, you can place a coat rack in the corner of the room. Moreover, you can install a modular bookshelf. These shelves can save space and be stacked to fit any room.

Storage cubes

Storage cubes offer a modern, efficient way to store books, kid’s toys, and other things. You can get them in different styles and materials to fit your personal tastes. Some even feature a clear display to showcase collectibles. They can also double as nightstands because they don’t look bulky, making them ideal for bedroom closet organization.

Another great solution is a stacked storage unit. It can be placed in a corner of the closet and contains shelves to hold extra items. This piece also features a rod on the back for hanging clothes. It’s also great for displaying decor. The design can be customized by painting it white.

You can also utilize open baskets or bins. These are great for storing clothes that need to be worn often. Closed bins can be used to store items that don’t get worn very often. You can also use the closet to store items you rarely wear. A minimal wardrobe means having only what you wear on a regular basis.

Glass doors

If you want to add some visual interest to your closets, you can install glass doors on the inside of your closets. The doors can be made of either frosted or textured glass to make them more appealing. A glass-doored closet will make your closet feel like an accent, rather than a place to store your stuff.

Whether you’re remodeling an existing closet or creating a completely new one, a glass door will make it look elegant and spacious. A glass door is a great option, and it can be custom made to fit your needs. Choosing the right style will depend on your budget and the style of your closet. Choosing frosted or high-gloss glass will give the space a unique look, and you can find them in many different colors and textures.

Another great option for bedroom closet organization is a mirrored closet door. They reflect light, making the room look bigger and brighter. In addition to giving your closet a contemporary look, a mirrored closet door will add an element of style to the room.

Overhead lighting

The right overhead lighting will help you see what’s inside your closet without obscuring your view. Installing pendant lights or a small chandelier can bring a sophisticated and functional touch to your closet. Pendant lights illuminate the space broadly, while downlights focus on specific areas. You can also choose LED or compact fluorescent bulbs that mimic daylight to give your closet a more relaxing and elegant feel.

For a romantic and intimate setting, you can add an elaborate chandelier over your closet. This elegant fixture will add style to your bedroom while illuminating your closet. It’s an excellent way to illuminate the space without having to worry about wiring. You can also use motion-sensor lights that mimic spotlights. These lights add a special touch to your closet, and they can give you a sense of enjoyment while dressing in the dark.

The first thing to do when remodeling your closet is to decide what type of overhead lighting will best suit your room. Make sure to make the lighting a central design element of your closet. Avoid building storage that completely blocks overhead lighting.

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