Best Places to Visit in Sylacaug, Alabama

Comer Museum

The Comer Museum in Sylacaug, Alabama is an interesting place to visit. It houses a collection of Sylacauga marble, one of the purest types of marble in the world. This marble was used in the construction of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. The Comer center also features interesting artifacts from the Native American population. The museum is free and open to the public from nine to four. It features interactive exhibits and educational signs.

This museum has two exhibits dedicated to the history of Sylacauga. One exhibit showcases a Confederate uniform and the other is dedicated to Native American artifacts. The other exhibit features a simulated log cabin. Visitors can also see old store ledgers and antique tools. The museum also hosts art classes and meetings for local history buffs.

Sylacauga is a progressive city that is home to many historic sites. In fact, the city has many nicknames, including Marble City and Alabama’s Best-Kept Secret. Aside from its historical attractions, it is also home to the first-ever documented location of the Hodges Meteorite. The city is home to a number of active community organizations. The city is governed by a mayor-council system, and five council members are elected for four-year terms.

The Comer Museum features a permanent exhibit of artifacts from the area’s history. It also has displays on local Native Americans and early settlers. The museum also hosts monthly receptions for new art installations. It also houses the Jim Nabors gallery, which contains costumes and gold records popular during the Gomer Pyle television show.

The Comer Museum is also home to the Hodges meteorite, a 8.5-pound rock discovered in 1954. It was named for a local woman, Ann E. Hodges, who was napping in her farmhouse in Oak Grove outside Sylacauga when the meteor hit the earth. The museum is home to a replica of the meteorite.

Kymulga Covered Bridge

The Kymulga Mill and Covered Bridge are two locally owned historical landmarks located in Kymulga Park in Talladega County, Alabama. These historic attractions are just 4 miles northeast of the town of Childersburg on State Route 76.

The bridge spans Talladega Creek and was built in 1860. Native Americans and settlers alike used the bridge to trade, and it served as a vital route for transportation. Today, the bridge is used for education and family fun.

Besides the bridge, other places to visit in Sylacauga include the Blue Bell Creamery and the Sylacauga City Hall. In addition, the local farmers’ market provides fresh fruits, vegetables, and other local fare.

DeSoto Caverns is another historical attraction in the area. The caves were once home to early Indian traders, and Confederate soldiers mined gunpowder here during the Civil War. A 120-foot-high cathedral is among the most impressive features, and the area also offers a light show and a maze.

Visitors to Sylacauga can also take part in the Pinhoti 100, an annual point-to-point trail run in the area. The Pinhoti trail is a scenic one-track trail in the woods and features a number of unique wildlife species. If you have time, you can try horseback riding or hiking and check out the vineyard’s annual grape stomp competition.

Morgan Creek Vineyards

Morgan Creek Vineyards is a popular winery located in Harpersville, Alabama. The winery was founded in 2000 on thirty acres and has grown into a regional destination. In its first year of operations, the company produced 600 cases of wine and sold it to six retail stores. Since then, it has expanded to over eighty acres and now boasts an impressive collection of more than 30 varieties of wine.

The winery is renowned for its sweet wines made from muscadines and other fruits. It also offers free wine tastings in its gift shop. COVID-19 has affected some winery operations, but there is still plenty to enjoy at the vineyard.

Morgan Creek Vineyards is a family-owned vineyard. The vineyard is located about forty miles outside of Birmingham and produces mid to semi-sweet wines. It is a great place to get married as well. The winery has a beautiful venue for weddings and other events.

Another must-visit place in Sylacaug, Alabama is Bryant Vineyard, which is Alabama’s oldest winery. This charming, family-owned vineyard has a vibrant atmosphere, and boasts more than a dozen varieties of wine.

Another great place to visit is DeSoto Caverns, located 13 miles from Sylacauga. These caverns were once inhabited by prehistoric Indians. During the Civil War, Confederate soldiers mined for gunpowder here. In Sylacaug, Alabama, you should also check out the Comer Museum and Arts Center.

DeSoto Caverns Park

For families, Desoto Caverns is the perfect place to spend a day. The cave is full of activities for children, including costumed characters and interactive story telling. Visitors can also enjoy a laser show, a fire show, and acrobats. The Caverns also offer a cafe and s’mores.

While visiting Syracuse, Alabama, make sure to plan enough time to tour DeSoto Caverns Park. This historical cave is located about 36 miles from Birmingham. The cave is an easy stop for tourists, but it is important to plan a few hours to see the entire cave and all its attractions.

Another great destination is the Grand Canyon Caverns. These caverns are filled with ancient artifacts and are the oldest evidence of man in the United States. Soldiers even made gunpowder in the caverns during the Civil War. Moonshine was also made here during Prohibition. Some people even used the caverns as a honky-tonk. There are also guided tours and an hour-long laser light, water, and sound show. Ancient Native Americans described the Cathedral Room as having healing powers.

Another great spot for a wedding is DeSoto State Park. This 3,502 acre park is located on Lookout Mountain and has scenic backdrops and lush woods and wildflowers. The park has several different campsite options, including cabins and mountain chalets. It also offers camping facilities, rentals, and event planning services.


Located just outside of Birmingham, Alabama, FarmLinks is a fun indoor mini golf course. This course offers a relaxed environment for golfers and visitors. The course features a wide variety of courses and tees. In addition to golf, visitors can play a wide variety of other activities on the property.

Another great place to visit in Sylacaug is the Sylacauga National Forest, which is home to several rare species. This area was once an eroded wasteland, but today it is a thriving eco-system. Visitors can enjoy horseback riding and hiking trails and see rare animals and plants.

A short drive from downtown Sylacauga is FarmLinks, a three-and-a-half-hundred-acre property with a challenging course for golfers of all skill levels. The course has well-groomed fairways and greens and offers tips and tricks for playing a great round of golf. Whether you’re looking for a great round of golf or just an ideal getaway from your hectic life, FarmLinks is a great place to go.

FarmLinks Golf Club is an incredible place to play golf and experience some of the finest golf in the country. The course has hosted thousands of students and groups and is committed to reducing its environmental impact. It is a great destination for golf enthusiasts and a great place to spend your day in Sylacaug, Alabama.

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