Health Benefits From Salts Worldwide

fine sea salt benefits from salts worldwide

Compared to regular table and cooking salt, fine sea salt contains more trace minerals. The traditional table salt is bleached and treated with aluminum, cyanide, and sodium ferrocyanide. These substances are also used in cement, dry cleaning, and roof tiles. Besides trace minerals, sea salt contains more trace elements. Modern civilization is making the oceans the dumping ground for waste. Heavy metals, petro-chemicals, and radioactive waste are being dumped into the oceans, contaminating their water.

Fleur de sel

Fleur de sel is the pinnacle of fine sea salts. Also known as the white gold or diamonds of the sea, fleur de sel benefits from the unprocessed salt in the world’s oceans. The salt’s fine texture and distinct sea salt flavour make it a favorite among chefs around the world. Fleur de sel is produced from a unique process that makes it both wet and pure.

Himalayan pink salt

There is no doubt that Himalayan pink salt is one of the purest salts on the market. It is mined in the Khewra mine in the Punjab region of Pakistan and contains 85% sodium chloride and 84 different minerals. Apart from iron, it also contains magnesium, aluminum, calcium, zinc, and sulfur. These minerals give the salt its pink color. The health benefits of Himalayan pink salt are many, including:

Cargill(r) fine sea salt

As the leading supplier of fine sea salt to the food industry, Cargill has an extensive product line, including bulk, bagged and no additives sea salt. In fact, sea salt has been proven to influence consumer purchasing behavior. This is because sea salt creates expectations for taste and healthfulness. Unlike table salt, sea salt is coarse-grained and contains minerals from where it is collected. Cargill recently conducted a nationwide consumer study to measure the impact of different types of salt on health perception.

Esprit du Sel

ESPRIT DU SEL has been hand-harvested in the waters off the coast of France since 1984. This naturally pink salt boasts a rich violet aroma. It contains a variety of beneficial minerals, including iron, calcium, zinc, and magnesium. Culinary professionals have been impressed by the high mineral content of this salt, which is a popular choice for salt lovers. In addition, it pairs well with wood spoons for presentation purposes.

La Baleine French fine sea salt

A fine French sea-salt, La Baleine is 100% marine. Its crystallisation process occurs naturally, combining the sun, sea, and salt workers’ know-how. Its rich mineral content makes it a must-have in gourmet cooking. In addition to cooking, you can use La Baleine for cooking and seasoning meat, poultry, and fish as you would regular table salt.

Cargill(r) black lava salt

Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt comes from the Pacific Ocean. It combines volcanic black lava and vegetable charcoal from the island of Molokai. Activated charcoal gives the salt its black colour and has powerful detoxifying properties. Activated charcoal is a treasured ingredient for its cleansing abilities. Black lava salt contains several trace minerals and electrolytes from the sea. It adds an extra dimension to egg dishes, hearty soups, and salads. It also makes for elegant hors d’oeuvres.

Cargill(r) French fleur de sel

The most notable benefit of Cargill(r) French fleur de ses is its unique taste. In addition to being a popular addition to dishes, fleur de sel is also considered a finishing salt, meaning it should be lightly sprinkled on foods. Its unique texture and flavor also make it ideal for serving in a small dish on the dining table. You may also enjoy reading more about the benefits of fleur de sel by visiting the Cargill website.

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