Best Places to See and Do in Blue Ridge, Georgia

There are many things to see and do in Blue Ridge, Georgia. You can explore the Bigfoot Museum, visit the Baugh House Museum, explore the Chattahoochee National Forest, or ride the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. For more information, contact the attractions and restaurants directly.

Exploring the Bigfoot Museum

If you’re traveling with kids, exploring the Bigfoot Museum in Blue Ridge, Georgia, may be an exciting way to pass the time. This roadside attraction is filled with exhibits and interactive experiences, including documentaries about Bigfoot. Kids under five enter for free. The museum is open every day except for holidays. Visitors should consider spending 45 minutes to an hour to explore the exhibits. But be sure to leave extra time to read the exhibits and listen to the recordings.

The museum is run by David Bakura, who moved to Blue Ridge, Georgia, from Florida about five years ago. He claims to have collected reports of Bigfoot sightings and the museum is full of information about this legendary creature. Bakura says many farmers in the area have seen the creature.

The museum is also a reporting and research center for bigfoot sightings in the area. Those who want to report sightings to the museum will find that the staff members will keep all information confidential. The museum also has a Bigfoot Reference Library for those interested in learning more about this mythical creature. And there’s a gift shop, which sells souvenirs and other items related to Bigfoot.

The museum contains a huge display of authentic Sasquatch artifacts. It is home to the largest permanent collection of Bigfoot artifacts in the world. It also features a Bigfoot Research and Technology vehicle that was used during research missions in Florida.

The downtown area is home to a number of unique shops and restaurants. The Sweet Shoppe, for example, sells delicious gourmet desserts and was featured on the Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars.” Also, you can check out the local clothing and textile shops. While you’re there, don’t miss the Blue Ridge Olive Oil Company, which has over 65 varieties of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Another interesting option is the Out of the Blue Gourmet Living, which offers food and wine.

Visiting the Baugh House Museum

The Baugh House Museum in Blue Ridge, Georgia is a unique place to learn about the area’s history. It features textiles, stage coach memorabilia, and local history exhibits. The museum is housed in a historic brick home that was built in 1890.

Located in North Georgia, Blue Ridge is a charming little mountain town. It has plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. The town is close to Atlanta and other mountain towns, making it a great spot for day trips or cozy cabin rentals. The area also has an abundance of hiking and camping opportunities.

The Baugh House Museum is located in a historic home on West First Street in Blue Ridge, Georgia. The home, which was built by James W. Baugh, features a unique two-story masonry I-house and Folk Victorian-style elements. The Baugh brothers created the bricks on-site, and the family deeded the property to the city in 1987. Today, the Fannin County Heritage Foundation manages the museum and offers educational displays.

If you are a history buff, the Baugh House Museum in Blue Ridge, GA will offer a great opportunity to learn about the area’s history. The museum is housed in a former 19th century home and features a number of interesting exhibits. It also describes many events that took place in the area during that time.

The Baugh House Museum is located in the Fannin County Heritage Foundation, which was founded in 1986. In addition to displaying donated items, it also hosts a genealogy library and educational displays. The museum also houses a book called Facets of Fannin, written by Dale Dyer and Ethelene Dyer Jones about the history of the area. Published as a joint project between the Kiwanis Club of Blue Ridge and the Fannin County High School, this book chronicles the history of the area.

The Baugh House Museum is one of several attractions in Blue Ridge. It has a rich history and contains items from the region’s earliest days. Visitors are encouraged to visit the town’s drive-in theater, which is one of five in Georgia. The theatre shows first-run movies seven days a week and offers double-feature movies on Friday and Saturday nights. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children four to eleven. Concessions are also available.

Visiting the Chattahoochee National Forest

The Chattahoochee National forest is a natural paradise, with 867,000 acres spanning 26 counties in north Georgia. The forest offers hiking and biking trails, glistening waterfalls, and peaceful lakes. It also boasts some breathtaking mountain summits. As an added bonus, this area is rich in history. It is home to the first gold rush in Georgia and was the site of a number of Civil War battles.

While the forest is home to several waterfalls, Anna Ruby Falls is one of the most spectacular. The waterfall features twin waterfalls and was formed by Curtis Creek and York Creek tumbling together. Other popular waterfalls include Raven Cliffs Falls and Desoto Falls.

Visitors can explore this forest’s waterfalls on foot, including Raven Cliff Falls. This waterfall is about 40 feet high and tumbles over large boulders into a serene pool below. The forest is also home to Big Cedar Mountain, one of the most majestic mountains in North Georgia. Hiking to the top of Big Cedar Mountain is possible by following the Appalachian Trail.

The Chattahoochee Trail System boasts over 430 miles of hiking trails. There are trails for all skill levels. Long-distance hikers can try out the Benton MacKaye Trail, which is 53 miles long, and the Bartram Trail, which is 37 miles long. If you are feeling adventurous, you can also try climbing Brasstown Bald, Georgia’s highest peak. Once you reach the summit, you’ll be rewarded with sweeping views of the surrounding area.

Visiting the Chattahoochese National Forest in Blue Ridge Georgia is an ideal way to experience the outdoors. The state has done a great job in keeping its natural beauty, so it’s important to take time to explore the region. You’ll find beautiful views of the Appalachian Mountains, lush forests, and countless outdoor activities.

For nature lovers, the Chattahoochee has 10 wilderness areas, and more than 430 miles of hiking trails and trout streams. There are also six safe swimming beaches on the lakes. Hikers can also enjoy kayaking and canoeing through the wetlands. The park is open from dawn until sunset daily.

Visiting the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing way to travel through the Blue Ridge Mountains, you should consider taking a train ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. The train route starts at a 1905 historic depot in downtown Blue Ridge, and the journey begins by traveling along the old Marietta and North Georgia Railroad tracks. From Blue Ridge, you’ll travel north along the Toccoa River, passing through McCaysville and Copper Hill, Tennessee.

You can ride in either open rail cars or authentic indoor cars on this railroad, which connects the towns of Copperhill and McCaysville. A layover at either place will give you time to shop for souvenirs and eat lunch. It’s also worth taking a short stroll across the Blue Line, which separates Tennessee and Georgia. Once in the state, you’ll have a chance to snap pictures of the gorgeous mountain views.

If you’re visiting the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, make sure to reserve your tickets in advance. Tickets are available online and at the ticket office up to 2 hours before departure. The ticket office is open Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (EST). Parking at the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway is $5, and there is handicapped parking available.

The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway has a history of over 100 years. Today, it’s the only mainline railroad excursion service in Georgia. The train passes alongside the Toccoa River and even stops at the Tennessee/Georgia border. The train also travels alongside the Ocoee River, site of the 1996 Whitewater Olympic Games.

A trip on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway can be enjoyed by the entire family. During the holiday season, the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway hosts a Santa Express trip. During the trip, children can meet Santa and receive an activity book. In addition, a candy cane is included in the price.

The train has two classes of seating. There are open-air coach cars and closed coach cars. The open-air coach cars feature bench seating facing open windows and provide up-close views of the scenery. Guests in the closed-air coach cars can enjoy a climate-controlled ride in comfortable padded seats.

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